Is a new and up coming Chicago solo Rock artist. VASSAR has recorded and produced a new album entitled the "The Sound of Speed" which contains 8 originally fully crafted songs that tell a chilling tale of love, corruption, death, suspense, heroism, Betrayal, and Glory. The music style Genre sound is different from the traditional sounds of music style of music today in which VASSAR calls "Psychotronica". Almost like alternative, electronic, dance music. The song "Axis" which would be a clear definitive distinction of this new musical sound kinda like a cross between grunge and pop! VASSAR claims his music is a mixture of all musical genre's. "Chicago is a very mixed cultural scene and also at the moment a great scene for aspiring artist. This is my 3rd solo album so far, but I think I may go all out this time." claims Vassar. Let us embrace and support up and coming new artist. NEW MUSIC VIDEOS AND SHOWS TO BE ANNOUNCED! 

VASSAR is a new and upcoming Independent electronic experimental alternative/rock artist from Chicago is successfully releasing a second album entitled VASSAR [EXPLICIT} "Speed of Light" widely available as mp3's and free all over the internet said by one radioindy review as "The talented group VASSAR's  first album "The Speed of Sound" [EXPICIT] as an "outstanding collection of alternative electronic dance music on the cd this album showcases well crafted songs that have richly textured sounds scapes and fascinating melodies."

 VASSAR "Speed of Light" Blending bits of the harder edge of the 80’s and 90’s electro-industrial underground sound from Clock DVA and Sleep Chamber to later genre mainstays such as Skinny Puppy and pre-mainstream Ministry, into a discernable fringe/experimental metal sheen ala Have a Nice Life, Neurosis, and even Jesus and Broken-era NIN, NIRVANA, Vassar’s (Speed of Light) is likely to ring true with fans of both Clack Candles, and Black Masses. "Speed of Light" is a solid listen for listeners who like their electro-metal dark and their records deliberately lo-fi, and hints at good things to come from VASSAR. Overall the record has heart and a good dose of originality, a compliment that can’t be said of so much of the home recorded revolutionaries popping up on a Bandcamp near you these days says a review by Reed Burnam of CyberPRMusic.

 Billy VASSAR aka VASSAR is an art student at the art Institute Illinois Chicago venturing out on his own for a solo career in the entertainment industry. VASSAR's New album called VASSAR The "Speed of Light"[EXPLICIT]  "Has explicit material on more than just a few tracks" says VASSAR "as a reference to the expression of what it is like living in a country with a failing economy, and failing infrastructure, as the country is losing faith and moral support in its government and its supposedly chosen corrupt leaders who’s pockets are getting bigger from bailing out bank!." 

Our lying government spends more time lying about drones shooting at little boys and girls than it does on fixing the Republic's economical structure of the country you know people are so desensitized by seeing drugs, sex, and violence that they try to emulate what they see on the t.v. or the big screen in such a major way that when they start to see fiction turn into real life in their own lives they feel it is normal that it is normal to emulate what they think life is like in the way that they see it on t.v.. People vote for their gov even if they don't know anything about politics or that it is a satanic, sadistic, child sacrificing, molesting, murderous regime. The gov pumps in the guns, and blood they pump in the drugs, sex, porn, violence all you want and people love having a mafia dictatorship for a government. Why else do they not fight back for their right to have peace and prosperity and sovereignty?

 They enjoy it they love it, it makes them feel bigger than life just like on t.v. I mean we’ve been at war for a long time doesn't anyone care or want to see peace anymore, love, truth, freedom and justice, nobody even demonstrates that anymore since when did imperialism become so attractive to people? The people are a power structure of the fifth branch of government they can have a say so of what should and should not happen with the affairs of its own nations. The number of civilians killed in the Iraq war far exceeded that of the military deaths of the American soldiers and yet nobody was held responsible for it. Nobody talked about it and nobody even questioned authority at all on that! This is not a "Political album or anything I’m just being cynical. Even though CIA was or is all over me for producing such an album of demos!  

VASSAR Speed of Light  [EXPLICIT] is a symphony of wall hitting, powerful sounds with overdriven heavy guitars, and hypnitizingly melodic psychedelic styles filtering through an outlet of wild liberating energy releasing an array of experimentally loud sweet noise! "This is my way of expressing my creativity in a world so overly obsessed with death hey, it's and indy punk record! Speed of Light is a way of getting away from it all and being free Claims VASSAR hey I’m related to Tina Turner! Interview by -Dee Baily Hareaux, Persident CEO of Fine Tune Persident.

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